The underground parking space worth over £60,000 in Bath

As the cost of living rises across the UK, many of us are feeling the pressure. In Bath, as in many cities, people increasingly have to choose between what they need and what they want.

It’s no secret that fuel prices are skyrocketing, forcing drivers to reconsider the number of trips they take by car. With all that in mind, it seems quite baffling that a single parking space in the city has been valued at over £60,000.

While finding a place to leave your vehicle in Bath can sometimes be tricky and often expensive, surely few people have a spare £65,000 lying around that they could blow on a patch of concrete. However, it could be very handy.

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In true M&S fashion, this isn’t just any parking space – it’s a Bath parking space. That means it comes with gates, a location you’d be hard pressed to beat, and proximity to one of the city’s most famous sights – the circus.

And yet, with all that to recommend it, this “small to medium” sized concrete plot isn’t the most expensive parking space we’ve seen for sale in Bath. In September last year a similar gem hit the market worth £115,000.

The parking space at Circus Mews which has been valued at £65,000

It was stunning on its own, but we were all bowled over when someone bought it – paying around a third of the average house price for their own concrete plot. Like this week’s, this space was on Circus Mews.

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However, it came with proper white paint, delineating the top dollar spot from those next to it. Sadly, the £65,000 doesn’t come with that trim and appears to be unmarked.

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Estate agent Whiteley Helyar described it as “a very rare opportunity to acquire a small/medium sized parking space in a secure underground garage with lighting. The garage is in a very convenient and desirable position, a short walk from the vast selection of shops, galleries and restaurants in the heart of the city.”

Maybe you got a windfall or just can’t stand parallel parking anymore, and this pricey spot is just what you’ve been looking for. After all, if spaces can sell for upwards of £100,000, paying £65,000 might be considered a bargain. To see the full list, click here.

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