There’s a Paul Bunyan made all of car parts in Michigan

Nothing is more Michigan than a Paul Bunyan, made entirely from auto parts.

Bunyan is a hero of American folklore. A giant lumberjack, who was usually accompanied by his ox, ‘Babe the Blue Ox.’

The character was first created by North American Loggers and has been a family holiday for over a hundred years now. Especially here in Michigan.

There is a statue of Paul Bunyan here in Michigan, made entirely from car parts.

Located in Alpena, Michigan, and built entirely from auto parts from a former automaker right here in the state, check out this roadside attraction.

Roadside Attractions: There’s a Paul Bunyan made entirely of car parts in Michigan

Nothing screams Pure Michigan like a statue of Paul Bunyan made entirely from car parts.

The statue has been nearly scrapped four times, much like most of the cars that were used to build the 30 foot statue.

The statue has been labeled as one of Michigan’s most ridiculous landmarks, according to a Yahoo travel article.

It’s a little odd and a little out there, but let’s not forget the Paul Bunyan that many people visit on our constant journeys to St. Ignace, Michigan.

You climb all these steps just to have a view of the Saint-Ignace region, as well as a photo with Paul and Babe the blue ox.

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Paul appears to play a bigger role in Michigan history than you might think.

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