This smart parking hack shows we all did it wrong



A simple hack could change the way everyone uses parking lots saving time and scratches.

A video of the technique was shared by TikTok user bigbruva_77, explaining that he discovered it after picking up a vehicle at a General Motors lot in the United States, the Mirror reports.

Each car was parked in the left row of the parking space, leaving enough room on either side for the doors to open, preventing accidental bumps and parking problems.

In the video, the man said, “What if I told you all that we parked incorrectly in parking lots the whole time. This is where we pick up the GM trucks, look how they parked – they’re parked on the line, see how evenly spaced they are?

“Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line, it would reduce the number of hits and give you room to get in and out of your car.

“We’ve done it wrong all the time, all of you.”

The parking hack shared by bigbruva_77 on TikTok

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His video quickly recorded over 440,000 views and dozens of comments – with people claiming the technique made spaces appear twice as large.

But others have pointed out a possible flaw – in the form of other pilots.

Another user commented: “Your people can’t even park inside the lines, do you expect them to park on them?

And another wrote, “I mean it’s the same as if everyone parked in the middle, the general public is just bad at parking no matter what the standard.”


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