Trucker protests prompt Ford to send car parts to Canadian plant: report

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  • Ford plans to fly car parts to a Canadian factory that has closed due to protests from truckers, according to Reuters.
  • Ford closed its Windsor, Ont., plant on Wednesday due to supply shortages, per AP.
  • Truckers have blocked key roads and bridges to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Ford plans to fly car parts to a closed factory after a blockade caused by protesting Canadian truckers cut off the supply of assembly parts, Reuters reported.

The automaker’s engine plant in Windsor, Ont., which has reportedly been closed due to supply shortages, may receive auto parts by plane rather than by truck, a union official who represents workers told Reuters on Thursday. factory workers.

“We are exploring all options to keep our plants running,” a spokesman for Ford’s Canadian division told Reuters.

Ford did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Ford told The Associated Press it had to close its engine plant in Windsor on Wednesday because it was experiencing a supply shortage following the blockage of the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit, Michigan, to Ontario.

The automaker instead had to operate an assembly plant in Oakville, Ont., on a limited schedule, per AP.

The Ambassador Bridge was forced to close Monday night after truckers, protesting Canada’s vaccination mandate, blocked the bridge. This caused traffic delays.

“This disruption to the Detroit-Windsor Bridge is hurting customers, autoworkers, suppliers, communities and businesses on both sides of the border,” Ford said in a statement to AP. “We hope this situation will be resolved quickly as it could have a widespread impact on all automakers in the United States and Canada.”

General Motors and Stellantis told Insider on Thursday that the protests had impacted production at their factories in Canada due to supply shortages amid the bridge blockade.

Thousands of truckers and supporters protested Canada’s cross-border vaccination mandate, which took effect Jan. 15.

The new rules require U.S. truckers to show proof of vaccination to cross the border and unvaccinated Canadian truckers to take a COVID-19 test and quarantine when returning from the United States. The United States imposed a similar mandate on January 22.

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