Update requested on the provision of additional parking at Roscommon Hospital

The need for additional parking spaces at Roscommon Hospital was again highlighted at the recent Western Regional Health Forum meeting.

Roscommon councilor Tony Ward has asked for an update on plans to provide additional space at the hospital.

Responding to her query, Joe Hoare, Deputy National Director, Capital and Estates at HSE, said the intention is that additional parking spaces at Roscommon Hospital will form part of a planning application process for a proposal of a 20-bed regional rehabilitation unit at Placer.

“Initial approval from the Department of Health/HSE was for a Phase 1 project which included specialist rehabilitation day services and a 10-bed inpatient ward,” it noted.

“However, after reviewing the draft Phase 1 report, the decision has been made nationwide to proceed with 20 full beds and day services under the Phase 1 project.

“An update to the spatial site plan for Roscommon Hospital is required in parallel with the Rehabilitation Project Update, Milestone 1 Report. This will assess the impact of additional spatial requirements, including the HSE Estates is re-engaging with the design team to update the two reports that will accompany the Capital Approval submission request to advance the project to Stage 2a, in accordance with the HSE Estates approval process. HSE fixed assets and the public expenditure code.


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