“We don’t need parking for everyone” – Eamon Ryan suggests cutting cost of apartment building


He said the bus connection project will be “key” to reducing costs.

Green Party Leader and Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has suggested cutting parking lots to cut costs while building new apartments.

Independent 4 Change TD Joan Collins asked the minister at the Dáil on Thursday about plans to develop strategies to improve the quality of life in apartment complexes in Dublin and across the country.

Ryan said strategic housing will be “resolved” next year and it will be up to the county council to “provide a range of other services, as well as housing” to strike the right balance for “a high life. quality “and” balanced development “.

“We have to find the right balance, we have to provide housing for our young people, and it has to be close to the center and of high quality, and at the same time in numbers. We need a lot of new housing, and they must be of high quality, ”he said.

The minister added that Ireland needs to take inspiration from cities like Barcelona and Paris and apply similar techniques to create both “density” and “quality” when building apartments.

He said a “free for all” in terms of high rise buildings would not work, adding that a “sense of community” would be lost if the government “accepts some of the really high developments that are being suggested.”

“In terms of height, which is probably the most controversial issue, in the whole city here, especially right now, I think we can’t go up, up, up – the sense of community weakens slightly when you climb above a certain height, ”he continued.

“What exactly it is is site specific, it depends on the neighbors, it also depends on the cost. My understanding is that when you go very high, the costs also go up. There is a balance that we have to find.

Ryan also suggested that the government’s new bus connection project would be “key” to reducing costs, as he suggested that “parking for everyone” might not be necessary when creating new developments.

“How do we cut costs? One of the ways I think we could cut it is that we don’t need parking for everyone,” Ryan added.

“I think there are a lot of people if we think about it and design well, we could reduce the cost of apartments by not having to build an expensive parking lot.

He said that although he agreed with the opposition’s “basic premise”, it was “not easy” to do, adding that no one had “more virtue than the other” in terms of what needs to be done in terms of planning.

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